Checkered Cottage

Parking for Classes at Checkered Cottage

We know there are few things in life worse than trying to find a parking space in Downtown Kirkwood especially when you have a class that will keep you busy for more than the 2 and 3 hour parking limitations on the lot across from the store or alongside PJ’s Tavern.  However – there are options.  St. Peters Parish in conjunction with downtown Kirkwood do allow parking on their lot free of charge with no parking time constraints.  The lot is only closed when the church or school needs the parking for a special event.  The next option we have available for those that don’t wish to walk from St. Peters lot or we have inclement weather is a $5 parking pass that can be bought for a one day use.  These passes are available at the Downtown Kirkwood Business office located at 130 E. Jefferson next to Kirkwood Library.